Every one of our loaves is naturally fermented (sourdough) with no commercial yeast added and no white flour.

The flours we use are locally grown and certified organic. We blend single and small harvest flours to achieve differing results depending on what we want in each type of bread.

Honey is sourced from a local beekeeper. Other ingredients are also certified organic (except salt).

While some companies will list "sourdough culture" as an ingredient, here it has been left off to emphasize that the sourdough culture we use is just the same flour and water already listed.

Here is a sample of some of the breads that we make:
light rye

25% rye. Made using a rye leaven, this loaf has a deep flavour and stays moist through the week.

ingredients: sifted wheat flour, water, whole rye flour, whole wheat flour, sea salt
anise raisin

Amazing! French toast? or Tahini and honey? Maybe just butter. Mmmmm

ingredients: sifted wheat flour, water, whole rye flour, raisins, sea salt, anise seed
oatmeal flax & honey

A heartier wholegrain bread with chewy oatmeal and only a hint of sweetness.

ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, sifted wheat flour, rolled oats, whole spelt flour, flax seed, local honey, sea salt
sifted wheat

Kinda like a white sourdough, full of holes, but so much better!

ingredients: sifted wheat flour, water, sea salt
peppercorn polenta

A spicy kick, great for sandwiches and dipping in olive oil, or anything else really.

ingredients: sifted wheat flour, water, corn grits, sea salt, spices
lemon rosemary

It's more rosemary than it is lemon, but it's certainly yummy. Using a different variety of wheat than the Sifted Wheat, this loaf is soft with a closed (i.e. small holes) crumb.

ingredients: sifted wheat flour, water, lemon juice, salt, rosemary